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Monday, 21 September 2009

Lembit watch year two

Yes...it's back!!

To be fair we weren't going to ressurrect Lemit watch this year, mostly because we didn't want to appear as if we were picking on the, segwaying alien. But after last night, well..... we've got no choice.

This is actually just a little annoying and slightly slimy of the man from Mars if we're honest. We all know he likes the ladies but seriously the ego of the man....it's briliant!!

Overheard by our spies last night Lembit said to a friend: "See that girl there. She owes me........... physically........... if you know what I mean". (No Lembit we're a bit stupid what do you mean?)

Said friend was overheard to reply: "I look forward to hearing all about it" (yuk!)

To which Lembit was overheard to say, and this is a killer line if ever we heard one: " Well you'll just have to read about it in the papers like everyone else."

The ego has officially landed!! Lock up your daughters, hell lock up your sons, No-one is safe!! And said girl, whoever you are, we really, no really, hope you managed to escape.

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