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Monday, 21 September 2009

Lib Dems celebrate blogging successes

Last night saw the fourth annual Lib Dem blog awards which, for the team at politics.co.uk at least, provided the most entertaining event of the entire conference so far and to be fair we doubt it'll be topped by anyhing else.

The great and the good of the Lib Dem blogging community were in attendance at what have become affectionately known as the "botties", including one Iain Dale, there no doubt to record the event himself and clearly out of a genuine interest in what his fellow bloggers are doing even if he was booed by the crowd - all in good humour it must be said, they are Liberal Democrats after all.

There was much jocilarity to be had with Lib Dem voice editor Stephen Tall doing an admirable job of compering the evening. A few jokes at the expense of his fellow bloggers, Mark Oaten (again....clearly popular) and the Lib Dems glorious leader Nick Clegg.

Stephen apparently doesn't like doing TV interviews, or so I was told last night, which seems a bit of a shame as he is clearly very articulate and media friendly, which would undoubtedly help raise the profile of Lib Dem blogging. And given some of the quality blogs and bloggers on show last night he would do the Lib Dem cause little harm. Just a thought Stephen.

The winners were as follows:

Best new Liberal Democrat Blog (started since 1st September 2008)Mark Reckons by Mark Thompson.

Best blog from a Liberal Democrat holding public office (The Tim Garden Award)Lee Green Councillor by Brian Robson.

Best use of blogging/social networking/e-campaigning by a Liberal DemocratJo Swinson MP for her live-tweeting from Parliament, plus engaging with the public through Facebook and website.

Best posting on a Liberal Democrat blog (since 1st September 2008)Parliament, The Telegraph and Jo Swinson by James Graham.

It has to be said Jo Sminson looked as if she hadn't expected to win and it's always quite endearing to see a politician appear a little shy on receiving an award!

Best non-Liberal Democrat politics blogSlugger O’Toole

Liberal Democrat Blog of the YearHimmelgarten Cafe by Costigan Quist.

This was a popular event only spoiled a little by a random member of the public wandering in to Old Harry's Bar at the Marriott Hotel to shout that all MPs were crooks! But it was a short lived moment and didn't ruin what had been a genuinely fun evening.

We'll be back again next year to see how the "botties" are getting on. I suspect it might not be in Old Harry's Bar though, next year they might need to find a bigger venue.

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