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Monday, 21 September 2009

Nick Clegg accosted on the streets of Bournemouth

It had to happen I suppose. Nick Clegg was making his way to a fringe meeting on climate change this lunchtime when he was accousted by a slightly irate member of the public over the banking crisis.

I didn't stay to linger for too long but the giste appeared to be that the man was angry at Mr Clegg - make that all politicians - over the banking crisis. The only snippet of the conversation I heard went along the lines of: "The banks make us pay back the money we borrow from them......".

So I'm not entirely sure what the man's point was. However, it was refreshing to see Nick stop and take the time to rather patiently explain, as he undoubtedly must have done, that it wasn't his fault nor his party's and should the gentleman in question chose to vote Lib Dem at the next election his second in command (Vince Cable in case you're a little unsure) would soon sort out the economic mess.

Well let's be honest; every vote counts and Nick was probably quite pleased to find a member of the public that at least appeared to recognise him - oh yeah I know I'm being a little cruel but c'mon you have to admit that he's the hardest political leader to name!!

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