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Friday, 25 September 2009

Sarah Brown hits the Twitter jackpot

Sarah Brown is now officially the biggest Twitterer in the UK, surpassing Stephen Fry, with 774,000 followers. Now this is either some mad example that voters secretly still love New Labour and are merely lying endlessly to pollsters for reasons of their own, or it's proof, as if any were needed, that you can serve Brits the most tedious tripe in the world and they will merrily shovel it into their compliant Anglo-Saxon faces.

Sarah Brown – who, it must be said, appears likeable and attractively detached in her public appearances – doesn't do party political tweets, or, frankly, tweets with interesting content. The stakes are too high. Just one mention of the fact George Clooney looks nice in a poster and the Sun will run: 'PM's wife in Clooney sex romp bid' all over the front page. So the poor darling is forced into drearily commenting on the d├ęcor or how utterly wonderful development charities are. They are, of course, quite wonderful, but it's such a tiresome thing to point out. It's equivalent to saying: I don't wish to brush my best friend's teeth for him every night, or I prefer women without male genitals. It's just a given.

But there she is, at the top of the mountain, with more followers than I've had good nights' sleep. You know what they say: This many people can't be wrong. Except in Britain - where two mind-numbingly inane talent shows can trigger reams of coverage merely by being scheduled at the same time - they really, really can.

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