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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

They've all gone slightly barmy

I'm watching Jack Straw right now and I swear to God he's trying to out Mandy, Mandy. I can't wait to see if Alan Johnson takes his lead and shouts his way through his speech as well!!!

It's a really bizarre little display.

One minute he's giving a speech, the next he's shouting down the microphones in front of him about how rubbish the Tories are and how he's going to be introducing "LEGISLATION FOR A NEW SECOND CHAMBER FOR THE PEOPLE ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE".

I think Jack managed to get himself worked up afer watching the performance of two local councillors, one of whom referred to delegates as comrades - my God what was he thinking? The other councillor decided he was going to give a spoken word performance. At one point I genuinely thought I was listening to The Streets.

Jack is clearly struggling with a cracking voice anyway but seriously the shouting is unbearable. And what's all this nonsense about: "Don't vote Tory don't take the risk". For crying out loud is this the best Labour have got: "Vote for us coz it's a bit risky voting for the other guys. It's better the devil you know than the one you don't".

If that's the best Labour have got they might as well roll over and die now. Jack Straw would improve the chances of the Labour party if he were leader according to the polls. Really? Not based on this load of utter rubbish. The best he can come up with in terms of policy proposals is a National Victims Service. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's very worthy, but Jack Straw needed to come up with something better than that after the expenses scandal. Offering a fully elected chamber you've never been in favour of and are only going to give the country because you've been forced to doesn't exactly cover you in glory either Jack. Poor show!!

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