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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Carter Ruck tries to justify itself

Lawyers Carter Ruck sent a rather interesting little letter to Speaker John Bercow today.

After a week which saw its reputation badly damaged, its conduct reported to the Law Society and Gordon Brown promise to clear up the area of super-injunctions because of its behaviour, the firm decided to clear things up with the political authorities.

It all began when it launched an injunction against the Guardian trying to stop the newspaper from covering a parliamentary question. Well, almost. Actually the injunction was against coverage of a confidential, but super-embarrassing report involving their clients Trafigura. Trafigura, you may remember, just paid out for dumping toxic slops in the Ivory Coast. But with an MP about to mention the report in a parliamentary question, Carter Ruck decided it applied to coverage of the question too. The only problem being of course, that parliament represents the British people and contains its elected representatives. Apparently, that's not important.

Anyway, if you care to see how someone may wish to justify that sort of thing, have a look at this.

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