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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Daily Mail does it again!

It's got to be tough going working for the Daily Mail, I genuinely feel sorry for the hacks that work there. They must find the place soul destroying.

While I'd usually shy away from having a go at any media institution or newspaper, I've long held a hatred for the Mail borne as much out of personal experience - no I'm not going to share what it was - as out of a genuine dislike for the things it promotes.

Therefore imagine my delight when I came across this gem on the guardian website.

Compare and contrast these two images for instance: (The top one is the Daily Mail's image)

Did you spot the (ahem! deliberate?) mistake?

It seems the Daily Shame has been at it again. Not only doctoring the Question Time leaflet to create a story for the main paper and its website to enable it to have yet another go at auntie but doing such a bad job of it that once again it gets caught out. Why oh why does it bother? It takes political point scoring to a new low when a paper as crass as the Mail attempts to accuse the BBC of manipulation and then can't even do the job properly itself!

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