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Friday, 23 October 2009

Griffin fallout – does that sound bad?

Hmm. Griffin's fallout. Doesn’t sound great exactly, but when the fallout is as good as this, it's worth it.

We're still dealing with the after-effects (that's much better) of last night's Question Time appearance by BNP leader Nick Griffin. What kind of after-effects? you might ask. Not the political, obviously. Heaven forbid. Far more important is the lack of sleep. After 12 hours of solid live blogging, and a 17 hour stint covering events, politics.co.uk is feeling a little battered. That didn’t stop Alex doing an interview with Australian radio this morning, or me chatting to a cultural programme on Canadian radio this afternoon. It's impressive how much international attention the show, and the protests against it, received.

One thing the party conferences teach you: how to give a radio interview while hallucinating from fatigue. That's a precious skill, right there.

On a lighter note, check out this little gem from legendary audio sampler Cassetteboy. Just in case anyone wants to sue us for chucking this on – it's for laughs. No one is suggesting Griffin said any of this. This is not what Nick Griffin really said.

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