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Friday, 30 October 2009

Harry Potter readers and the chamber of kids

The Commons is one of the most childish places in the country, so you'd think children would fit right in.

In fact the opposite is the case. As is being seen today, members of the Youth Parliament are far more grown-up than their adult counterparts.

MPs might talk as if the chamber is sacrosanct, but the reality is very different. Most days, when the cameras are far away, they sprawl across the green benches like there's no tomorrow. They shout and heckle each other. Some have even been known to break wind.

Our squeaky-clean MYPs, by contrast, are treating the day as an extra-special treat. They are inevitably awed by their surroundings, in much the same way the very squeaky-clean Chloe Smith behaved on her first appearance in the chamber. Sitting on the green benches is a privilege of historic proportions. They take things seriously as a result.

Of course most of these learned individuals are, ultimately, children. They can therefore be safely pigeon-holed as serial Harry Potter readers.

It would be interesting to find out what percentage of them make a comparison between the Palace of Westminster and Hogwarts. politics.co.uk's educated guess: 100 per cent.

That's probably what these bright sparks get in their end-of-term exams.

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