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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

It's that tie again

Far be it from me to lower politics to mere fripperies. But did anyone remember the last time they saw David Cameron wearing his bright purple tie?

The Conservative leader was sporting the very natty number during his first press conference since the Tories' autumn conference earlier this month.

He had been wearing it, or something very similar, when he made his rather sombre speech to the party faithful in Manchester. So it seemed a bit strange that he chose to don the same tie for his biggest outing for the media since then.

The circumstances couldn't have been more different. There is nothing more all-embracing than the buildup to a leader's conference speech, nothing more that raises the leader to demi-god status (at least in the way he's treated). As a journalist you're lucky to get within 50 yards of him.

What a contrast with the quiet little club in St James' where Cameron met reporters this morning. The questions on Europe kept on coming, the pressure over what to do if the Lisbon treaty is ratified built and built.

Up close and personal, Cameron's choreographed conference speech seemed long gone.
Here's my favourite quote, on the Lisbon treaty's potential ratification: "If that circumstance comes to pass, a new set of circumstances will exist."

He wouldn't have said that in Manchester, would he? At least the tie provides a bit of continuity.

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