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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Messirs Clegg, Cameron and Brown

The press pack was in full attendance today for Brown, Cameron and Clegg's appearance in front of the Speaker's conference on diversity in parliament.

I've gone into the serious details here and here and I've jabbered on almost entirely without meaning here.

But there's something else worth noting, which is how utterly lovely John Bercow appears. He must have a collection of children's feet underneath the bed or something because his demeanour is so all-encompassing in its friendliness that it's difficult to believe he has ever set foot in parliament. I didn't see him talk to anyone without smiling genuinely.

Could this really be the man who was once more right wing than Genghis Khan – and why do we use this Genghis Khan phrase anyway? Just because he slaughtered all those people? Doesn't seem right somehow. Perhaps he's just defending himself against a future regicide along the lines of Michael Martin.

Regardless. In a place full of broken facial expressions, subdued principles, and very pleasant indeed. I noted all this while sitting in the Boothroyd room, by the way. Might we one day reflect on him with the same warmth? Time will tell.

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