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Friday, 20 November 2009

Megrahi clings on

Families and friends of the 270 Lockerbie bombing victims will be tapping their watches impatiently today. The only man convicted of Britain's worst ever terrorist attack remains alive.

The diplomatic storm which followed his release on August 20th was bad enough. But, from today, Scottish justice minister Kenny MacAskill's judgments starts getting more and more embarrassing.

Medical advice cited by Mr MacAskill stated Megrahi's life expectancy was around three months.

Now he's survived that date pressure will begin to grow for him to - well, for him to die.

Labour MSP Richard Simpson knows more than most how delicate the situation is.

As a prostate disease specialist in his former life as a doctor, he's especially well qualified to demand regular independent updates on the bomber's health.

"That should be something simple saying whether he is doing well or not," he told the Scotsman.

"I think the public are interested to know whether the original advice about his life expectancy was correct or not."

As the days pass by, more and more people will begin to feel like Megrahi is cheating justice.

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