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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Brown romps home

Gordon Brown is getting better and better.

The prime minister won today's exchanges with David Cameron hands down. When the leader of the opposition made a decent point, Brown made a scathing one. When Cameron trotted out the same old soundbites, Brown came up with new ones. Best of all, the PM looked like he was having a good time.

It's a fascinating tradition, and about the least predictable shift you could possibly have imagined. Is this the same prime minister who was forced into a last-gasp emergency reshuffle back in the spring? As one lobby colleague said, "it's only one poll". But it seems to be doing Brown a world of good.

If the momentum continues to shift in this way we might end up with a much more interesting election campaign than many feared.

As George Osborne signalled in his speech to the Conservative conference, it looks like the fight for power will become deeply personal. Fortunately for Labour, it seems Brown is prepared to give as good as he gets.

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