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Monday, 7 December 2009

Brown's karaoke clampdown

The prime minister's temper is infamous along Whitehall, but his criticisms come in many forms. Sometimes an item of stationery whizzing through the air is the preferred method of censure, so scurrilous types report. Sometimes the criticism is of a more jovial kind.

Formula One champion Jenson Button has, perhaps, received the lowest level of criticism possible. Gordon Brown's spokesman helped elucidate what this would entail in his Monday morning lobby briefing for journalists.

The prime minister, we were told, was due to present Button with an award at the British Racing Drivers' club. He was to congratulate Button and "gently tease him" over his rendition of We Are The Champions in the immediate euphoric aftermath of his World Championship victory.

Brown in avuncular mood is always worth savouring. So long as Button doesn't become a civil servant and make any disastrous blunders with Treasury figures he should be alright. It doesn't seem likely, does it?

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