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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Happy new coup!

The highlight of my new year was, at about five seconds past midnight, someone planting a six-foot rocket into the earth half a metre away from me.

It being an election year I expected fireworks. But this early start didn't quite go off with the alarming bang that seemed likely as the rocket's pleasantly inebriated owner attempted to light it.

Instead, he having thoughtlessly forgotten to remove the plastic cover over the fuse, the thing spluttered incongruously for a few brief moments before damply fizzling out.

The last few hours has seen rather a similar chain of events take place in Westminster.

Just after PMQs today was the equivalent of five seconds past midnight, when Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt plunged into the malcontents' latest attempt to get rid of Gordon Brown

Watching Hoon hop around nervously as he answered questions from the gaggle of journalists clustering round him in the Palace of Westminster was reminiscent of my own new year's eve attitude as an imminent explosion loomed.

It was the fizzling which was most memorable then, and is the overwhelming feeling now. Cabinet members were finally rolled out by mid-afternoon, dampening any spark of rebellion the few usual suspects might have been hoping to create.

It's been a poor day for Labour and a regretful one for Hewitt and Hoon, who have damaged their party.

Perhaps the wise words of Tony Lloyd should be heeded. He says the whole incident will be forgotten by the following week, slipping into the past like every other outbreak of anti-Brown sentiment in the ranks.

If I could remember what happened during my new year after the Self-Contained Incident With The Firework And The Ill-Conceived Plot, I'd be able to tell you whether I could extend the analogy somehow.

As it is this blog post is fizzling out, so I'll just shut up.

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