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Friday, 15 January 2010

Still hateful after all these years

Readers of Alastair Campbell's blog may be alarmed by an anecdote the ex-spin doctor reveals as he discusses his long-running hate-hate relationship with Mail editor Paul Dacre.

"The psychologist... felt it was highly likely that I figure in homoerotic fantasies which fill Dacre with terrible shame and guilt. There can be no other explanation, he said, for the scale of hatred expressed in his coverage of me over many years."

Campbell is rather flattered by the implication his sexual potency remains undimmed.

"But just as I don't do God, I don't do male," he adds.

"And I certainly don't do Mail scum. So, Paul Dacre, whatever is going on inside that troubled head as you toss and turn alongside your poor wife sleeping gently besides you, I am sorry, it is time for me to be frank with you - it can never be."

Meanwhile Campbell appears obsessed by second world war allusions. He refers to Dacre as Obergruppenfuehrer. He describes the Mail's coverage of his Iraq inquiry appearance as a "mini-Nagasaki explosion". He says "apologetic Mail hacks... usually quote the 'only obeying orders' Nuremberg defence".

The overall impression is more than a little uncomfortable. Yet it's somehow reassuring one of British journalism's longest-running feuds continues to endure.

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