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Friday, 12 February 2010

Sweet Treasury committee dreams

Excitement at politics.co.uk towers today, as the prospect of an early-morning Treasury committee evidence session emerged.

The parliament website has the time down for John McFall and co's grilling of Goldman Sachs Bank USA's chairman Gerald Corrigan as "4am".

That sounds eminently sketchable. Grizzled MPs, struggling to stay awake - or perhaps not even having gone to bed - trying to question a fresh-faced US financial titan in the dead of night.

Select committee hearings are pretty soporific, so we can only wonder at the devastating impact a session in the wee small hours would wreak on those present. Maintaining consciousness for more than a few minutes would be considered an achievement of Olympian proportions.

Parliamentary staff reacted with something approaching bashfulness when an inquiry into the early morning start was made. It turns out "4pm" might have been more accurate.

"I know he works quite hard but that's pushing it," an embarrassed Treasury committee official said of Mr Corrigan.

Still, perhaps the typo might lead to some innovative new reforms. Why not, we ask ourselves? At least it might do something to convince the public that MPs are working hard.

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