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Thursday, 11 February 2010

An unusual accusation

Party political exchanges on the parliamentary estate are usually confined to the narrow restrictions of - well, politics.

But Nottingham North MP Graham Allen has taken the partisanship wars to another level as he accused shadow children's secretary Michael Gove of being behind a plot with several large holes in it.

According to Mr Allen, his Westminster office corridor has become infested with moths. And he knows who to blame.

"It is not true that the first moth arrived when I opened my wallet, nor when I had to examine my 1987 expenses claims," he said.

"The fact is Michael Gove MP brought in a secondhand Moroccan carpet and ever since we have been plagued by them.

"Michael Gove somehow has managed to get a transfer to another (moth free) office. I hope the Common House moth does not take up permanent residence and become the House's Common moth."

The House authorities have taken a parliamentary question tabled by Mr Allen very seriously, as they inevitably tend to do.

But they offer solace with the claim that the moth population in the corridors of power is "generally declining". A bit like Labour's election prospects.

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