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Friday, 19 March 2010

Politics.co.uk named best politics website!!!


We're not prone to bragging all that often over here at politics.co.uk towers.

No honestly we're not!! No really honest!!

But we can't quite help ourselves on this one. The only thing is….we can't quite work out how this little piece of praise from the Sunday Times slipped through the net, we're usually much better at monitoring when we get a mention in the national newspapers.

And this one's a cracker!!

Naming its top five politics websites in the February 14th edition of the Sunday Times, politics.co.uk is the top website to be mentioned.

The article says:

"Politics and the internet are a combustible mix, with many websites so partisan they may as well be manifestos. At least one seemingly independent blog draws private support from a wealthy figure in the Conservative party."

But there are sites and blogs that entertain while dodging any overt political allegiance.

1 politics.co.uk

Promising balanced coverage and impartiality, this features around 300 stories written for the site every month. Its collection of “briefings & guides” is a bit like a set of political pass notes, covering everything from Gulf war syndrome to tobacco advertising.

The list of best websites also includes BBC political editor Nick Robinson's blog, Mayor of London Boris Johnson's blog, the US conservative website townhall.com and er...


Ah who cares? We're number one!

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