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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Election fever

My, what a busy day. We'll it's good news the campaign is finally off, at least. We've been struggling to contain our irritation at every political event being dubbed the 'unofficial start of the election campaign'. But this is the start of a frantic, frenzied period of political journalism, with late bed times and early, early mornings. The politics.co.uk team is, of course, above things like sleep or health and wellbeing. But we are quietly preparing our loved ones for doing without us for a while. The best part about elections is the way politics spreads around the country in a way it simply doesn't during the normal run of things. That gives us all the ability to take some trips, spread our wings a bit from the Westminster village and check out the lay of the land elsewhere.

Over the next month, politics.co.uk will be bringing you news from the frontline coming in straight from our citizen journalists, all the national news from our dedicated editorial team, and as much analysis and comment on the day-to-day dramas of the election campaign that you can shake a stick at. We'll also have more content than you could ever read, unless of course you want to take the laptop to bed with you, which we would anyway suggest as an appropriate way to end any evening. From candidate profiles, to constituency analysis, to party profiles and betting odds, politics.co.uk is a one-stop shop for all your general election needs.

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