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Friday, 9 April 2010

Goodbye, McMPs

It's been a strange week in parliament. And not just because it was only three days long.

After the small matter of a general election being called we've had the bizarre wash-up procedure, in which the government's bills have been rushed through at the pleasure of the opposition.

With the excitement of the campaign getting underway most MPs have disappeared to their constituencies and the all-out fight for survival now developing.

After parliament finally finished an incredible end-of-term atmosphere pervaded. Harriet Harman and John Bercow's handshakes and awkward kissing had to be seen to be believed.

Emotions have been soured somewhat by a goodbye interview with one of the grandest of Tory grandees, Sir Patrick Cormack.

Daily Politics host Andrew Neil paid tribute to Sir Patrick by getting his name spectacularly wrong.

"I'd be in a slightly better [mood] if you'd got my name right," the miffed veteran mused unhappily.

"You obviously made a big impact when you were an MP.

"I think a slightly bigger and more positive one than you've made. I'm sorry we're ending on a slightly acrimonious note."

Sir Patrick then called Neil's introductory spiel "absolute twaddle", to show there were no hard feelings.

The Daily Politics team underlined the error by misspelling the MP's name on the website - first as McCormack and then as MaCormack. Have a look at the (now corrected) website here.

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