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Monday, 26 April 2010

More hung parliament malarkey

More hung parliament malarkey dominating the headlines today, as every poll points towards no party securing a majority.

The Tories have been put into an absolute frenzy. It's all they talk about. David Cameron spent his entire trip to Romsey trying to get voters to prevent it happening. As I write, George Osborne and Jeremy Hunt are giving a press conference in Millbank, complete with a mock-up broadcast from the hung parliament party, which, I will freely say, was unspeakably awful.

On the one hand the Tories have to come out and argue against a hung parliament, and face the reality of the 2010 general election. On the other hand, the Tory attack gives an aura of vulnerability to the party, which, given the unpopularity of the government, is a profound comment on how the country still thinks of the Conservative party. It also puts them in a weird position – their 'vote Clegg, get Brown' campaign highlights the irrationality of an electoral system they are committed to maintaining.

Strange times indeed in British politics.

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  1. Strange times indeed. The crucial issue for Britain is electoral reform, not the economy, so a hung parliament is a very good idea. Over the past century two political parties have rigged the voting system so that other parties are marginalised. Both of these parties are rubbish, one being a club for "mummy's boys" and the other a gang of Marxist lunatics. They have set up the system so that you can choose between bad and worse so how do you vote?

    Don't forget that it is the two old parties that have brought England to its present curious state.

    See http://pol-check.blogspot.com/2009/01/could-credit-crunch-have-been-foreseen.html