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Monday, 10 May 2010

The boredom of historic events

For such exciting times, it's getting terribly dull.

These are, of course, unprecedented times, times that will go down in history. But after three days of meetings with no content to report, the journalist's job is getting strangely tedious.

The stories are starting to resemble a secretary's diary: A meeting took place at this time between these people.

It's impressive how few leaks there have been. We have no idea what is being said. The quotes we get afterwards are exactly the same as they were on Saturday. Basically, 'positive and amicable talks are being conducted to create a stable government'.

Today, we might have a little more information when we camp out outside Lib Dem and Tory internal meetings in parliament, hoping for a bit of gossip. But the weird combination of historic events and dull news stories looks set to continue for a while longer.

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