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Monday, 24 May 2010

God loves the coalition

One enjoyable feature of the new politics is that it's predominantly conducted outside.

Nick Clegg and David Cameron's rose garden press conference in Downing Street has already turned into a Westminster legend. Today, it was George Osborne and David Laws' turn, as they set up podiums outside to present us with the first chapter in the 'Age of Austerity'.

The beautiful, steaming sunshine did them no harm, even if the content of their words was as gloomy and miserable as a February morning.

What's remarkable is how appropriately the weather is framing itself to the new government's needs. As Cameron prepared to enter Downing Street, the clouds parted and the sunshine briefly shone from the darkening skies. At the rose garden, the threat of rain was very real, and a few drops fell before organisers could breathe a sigh of relief.

Today – well you couldn't ask for nicer weather. It appears God believes in coalitions.

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