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Friday, 4 June 2010

The calm after the storm

As always in Westminster on Friday, it's incredibly quiet. The Palace is deserted as MPs return to their constituencies for surgeries.

Spare a thought for Stephen Timms: the last time he held a session in East Ham to help out constituents one of them allegedly stabbed him. He'll be forgiven for being a little nervous today.

He's one MP who'll be extremely glad it's quiet. The truth is this little period of respite has lasted all week, not just today.

Perhaps it's the impact of the Cumbria shootings, whose barbaric enormity has wrested people's eyes away from parliament.

Perhaps it's the Bank Holiday effect: in a four-day week and with this weather, who cares about politics?

Perhaps it's just that Vince Cable's first major speech yesterday was utterly, utterly boring.

Whatever, this calm after the storm actually feels like something of an opportunity.

Now we're into the build-up to the emergency Budget it's time for the stresses of the coalition to really come to the fore.

I've drawn up a modest list of 84 policies which I think deserve a bit of looking into - precisely because of the scope they offer for tensions within the government. It's going to be busy next week!

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