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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Incapacity benefits Graham Allen

Yesterday a strange thing happened in my journalistic career. I visited an MP's home.

This isn't the first time I've done this. Interviewing the electorally doomed Stafford candidate David Kidney during the general election campaign will stick in the memory. And there's always No 10, of course.

The experience is a strange one – a bit like being in your teacher's home. You're not supposed to see them in scenes of domesticity.

Yet this was where I found myself yesterday. And all because of Graham Allen's hip.

It's playing up, he explained, and the doctor has ordered him not to move from his flat. As his pad is literally just around the corner from the Palace of Westminster, why not pop by?

Apart from the alarming red socks and lack of suit – you must make allowances, even for ill MPs – Graham Allen was not taking the time off to shirk. His assistant appeared, setting him up with a laptop. He conducted a newspaper interview over the phone. And then there was I, interviewing him in his capacity as chair of the political and constitutional reform select committee.

Allen is busy preparing to challenge the Cabinet manual which influenced the coalition formation process. Apart from complaining of not being able to move one side of his hip without it feeling like he's being stabbed in the leg, he was on good form – as you can see here.

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