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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Some reassuring home truths from Birmingham

Writing about British politics inevitably involves some generalisations.

When we assess how this or that policy is going to go down with a party's membership, for example, we are retreating back to the comfortable familiar version of each party's grassroots which is so easy to over-exaggerate.

Such concerns don't apply with the Conservatives.

Heading off to the party conference and talking to 'ordinary' delegates is a thoroughly reassuring exercise. The membership really is obsessed with defence. They can't get enough of law and order. Rural issues, which get short shrift at the other party conferences, are of prime importance here.

It would be wrong for me to unveil the full findings of my chats with party members about child benefit being withdrawn for higher earners here. Suffice to say that the party faithful's response is as predictable as ever...

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