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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Well done England!

The unrestrained joy of politics.co.uk at England's Ashes triumph knows no bounds, which is why we say a heart 'well done!' to the vanquishers of those pesky Aussies.

For too many years has England endured humiliation down under. Now honour is restored and the normal way of things has returned. This, of courses, includes prime ministerial congratulations.

"Congratulations to the England team and Captain Andrew Strauss on a brilliant performance Down Under," David Cameron says, in fact.

"Retaining The Ashes for the first time in almost a quarter of a century marks a very special end to the year for sports fans and a great late Christmas present for the country.

"I look forward to welcoming them to Downing Street when they return."

It'll be interesting to see whether they get Cameron doing the 'sprinkler dance' in No 10!

(Usually we object to politicians putting things in capitals. They call themselves the Government instead of the government, because it looks more important, for example... but when it comes to a trophy as venerated and significant as The Ashes, we're prepared to make an exception)

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