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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Ed Miliband 'less popular than Nick Clegg'

Latest polling data from Ipsos Mori provides some troubling news for the opposition.

Yes, Labour are on top in the polls overall – if there was a general election, 41% would vote Labour, compared to 37% for the Conservatives and a measly ten per cent for the Liberal Democrats.

And 45%% like the Labour party, compared to 37% for the Tories.

The problem is the leader.

Whereas 47% like David Cameron - significantly more than the 37% who like the Conservative party as a whole - just 36% say the say about Ed Miliband.

That's nine points worse than the number who say they like his party.

What makes this especially painful is Nick Clegg's comparable figures. Four out of every ten respondents said they liked him, exactly the same proportion as said they liked the Lib Dems. Forty per cent is higher than Miliband's personal likeability.

This is the man who has been burned in effigy on the streets, betrayed his party's pledge on tuition fees and is now steadfastly defending the government's NHS reforms – despite his own party's grassroots voting against the planned changes at the Lib Dems' spring conference last weekend.

Clegg's figures are surprising – but it's Miliband who should really be worried.

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