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Monday, 16 May 2011

Our prime ministerial enthusiasm falters

There's a sense at politics.co.uk towers that the prime minister is being wheeled out a bit – well, a bit too much.

Don't get us wrong. Normally there is nothing we love more than spending time picking over every word of David Cameron's finely-crafted speeches.

But today felt different. It was not the delivery, or the content, or even the length – excessive thought that was.

We just can't help but get the feeling that the government's spin doctors are running out of options on this one.

It's a mark of how desperate officials are that they're having to deploy their ultimate trump card, the PM, to get the message across.

Clearly health secretary Andrew Lansley is no longer considered sufficiently trusted, or liked, to get the job done.

Instead, if you want reach, go upstairs to No 10. That's been in the spinners' playbook for years. Now it feels like they're pushing their luck.

***Actually, there is one gripe at the content of Cameron's speech I need to get off my chest. Astonishingly, one of the reasons he cited for the need to reform the health service was a disparity in current quality – ie, postcode lotteries. Surely an NHS driven solely by competition would only exacerbate this?

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