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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

politics.co.uk's new podcast is on iTunes!

Great news from iTunes, which is now hosting politics.co.uk's podcasts. We've been putting out a few bits of audio this year claiming them to be 'podcasts', but - as listeners have informed us in polite and courteous terms - unless they're on iTunes, they're just not the real deal. From today that's changed! We've already got a pick of the best items produced this year available for download, and at the end of each week in the run-up to Christmas we'll be adding another.

After a couple of longer documentaries we've settled on a format which we're going to stick with: a fast-paced look at the biggest issues affecting Britain and how the politicians in charge of the country are coping with them, all packed into ten very busy minutes. It's all about attention-span: ten minutes of high quality comment, interviews and analysis works better than 30 minutes of more open-ended discussion. This content is the result of painstaking editing and the pick of the interviews we've conducted in the past week. It should be something everyone who's interested in politics should look forward to at hte end of the week.

Podcasting is all about broadcasting to an audience. It's about interactivity and engagement with your specific community. At politics.co.uk we're really keen to engage more with our readers. We want to build up a loyal listenership which comes to our podcast not just to hear our latest reports and interviews, but to get their views across and contribute to the debate, too. Email me at alex.stevenson@politics.co.uk or tweet us at @politics_co_uk - we want to hear from you.

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