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Monday, 29 April 2013

VoiceOver's day of filming with Child Poverty Action Group

Heading out for our day of filming with VoiceOver competition winner Child Poverty Action group, it was obvious to us right away that our first big worry – the weather – was not going to be a problem. With everything around us warm and sunny, we were definitely off to a good start.

Arriving at the house of our first interviewee, Paul Duggan, we started to set up the cameras for the first shoot. Tim Nichols from CPAG had brought a long a camera of his own, so he joined our own cameraman Carl Fox in getting setting up for the shoot.

Tim Nichols and Carl Fox setting up camera

Tim had a chat with Paul, to make sure he felt comfortable in front of the cameras, and then we launched into our first interview of the day (with Paul, quite the pro, stopping only to unload the washing machine, and make us some tea).

Paul Duggan interview

Sadly his son wasn’t quite as camera-friendly as his dad, and by the time we were ready to film little Duggan Junior, he was sleeping peacefully with his mum on the sofa. But no matter, we carried on back to London to meet our next interviewee,  Jack Monroe.

Jack Monroe is actually already something of a known entity, mainly because of the success of her blog, Girl Called Jack. Our interview with her was to take place in the local park, making great use of the fortunate sunshine. Jack was very candid in her interview, and was, impressively, not put off by the two rolling cameras in her face, the constant clicking as I ran around taking photos of her being filmed from all angles, with two different devices at once, or the screaming teenage girls on the swings right behind her. A career in the world of video may await her.

Emily Cruz, Carl Fox, and Tim Nichols, and Jack Monroe
We had time for a quick coffee, to discuss our hopes for the final cut, and its promotion, then back at CPAG’s offices, we filmed a few shots of their excellent in-house resources.

CPAG resources 
Our third and final interviewee was with Maureen Arthur, and her amazingly cool-as-a-cucumber teenage daughter. We headed off to the Citizens’ Advice Bureau to film Maureen’s segment of the video which focused on cuts to legal services, and how this was impacting upon her life – and her daughter’s life in caring for her.

Carl Fox, Emily Cruz, Tim Nichols, and Maureen Arthur
By the time we were ready to pack up we had heaps of excellent footage for the final cut, and all our creative juices for the presentation of them were in full flow. So, back to our respective offices we traipse, sleeves rolled up to get to work on making this shiny-new campaign video a success, and, of course, making sure that you – yes, you! – get to see the results of our collective labours as soon as possible. Watch this space!

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