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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

VIDEO from Voice the Union: Why is our union different?

Voice: Why is our union different?

 Voice the Union is the latest organisation to use online video to communicate their message and identity. 

The video, directed, filmed and produced by Politics.co.uk's VoiceOver, features general secretary Deborah Lawson and Voice members, as they discuss exactly why Voice is different from other unions aimed at education professionals.

Lawson begins by talking about Voice’s proud status as a non-striking union. Voice stresses that while they respect the rights and choices of those who do take industrial action, they prefer the power of negotiation, because, they argue, they don’t want their fight for working conditions and other rights to be at the expense of the children they educate or care for.

WATCH the video:


Voice also prides itself on the "personal touch" they bring to the table when supporting their many members.

Whether people need help defending themselves from accusations of wrongdoing, whether they need basic information, or whether they just need someone to support them as they stand up for themselves, the relevance of the union’s core values are shown brilliantly in this video.