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Monday, 28 April 2014

Our day out filming with the CLA

CLA and the Politics.co.uk team bravely faced down the elements to film this HS2 video so we hope you appreciate our blood, sweat and toil as you watch it.

 The looming grey clouds did leave us a little apprehensive over how our footage would turn out. Our camera crew managed to grab a few lovely shots of bright yellow crops, before being predictably drenched, and having to take shelter in one of Robert Davies’ barns.

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as the barn proved to be an ideal focal point for the first shots of Mr Davies. Our on-location journalist interviewed the veteran farmer as he talked earnestly about the impact of the HS2 project on his land.

“The burden of past generations is on our shoulders,” he said, solemnly. “We aren’t able to do for our children, what our parents did for us: pass something on.”

 Henry Robinson, the CLA’s chief executive, took a turn around the farm and its surrounding land with Mr Davies, and discussed what the CLA is doing to help.

After a pause to wolf down a sandwich in the local pub, we were back on the road again, and on to our next location: Robert Moulton’s Bucks Head Farm.

Mr Moulton did a little practice run through to get warmed up (not to mention dried out) and then we talked to him about the impact on his land, his savings, and his family. “We will have to re-house my mother,” he explained.

Henry Robinson spoke about how he is working to support his members, and, despite being a farmer by trade, took to being in front of the camera like an old pro.

The final footage can be seen here, in all its rainy glory. Let us know what you think below!